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J. Bannon "The Jane Project" Original Mixed Media Piece

These were unfinished "Jane Project" Mixed Media Pieces from the original project, discovered while recently moving offices. I took the time to finish them and I am offering them here. The making of this project will be featured in "Rungs in a Ladder" mini-documentary filmed by McFarland & Pecci Productions.

"The Jane Project" was a massive undertaking that I worked on semi-secretly over a few years. Over that time period, I created "one-of-a-kind" Mixed Media pieces using my well known "Jane Doe" image as a foundation. Utilizing Japanese Gouache, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Ink, and other mediums, I slowly built up each image. This arduous layering process gave each piece unique textural character that carries a depth that could not be created any other way. 

Each piece measures approximately 23.5" X 31", and are hand signed and lacquered on plywood, ready for quality framing. I handpick each one that I send to customers. Please note that these are all highly textured pieces with many physical characteristics. Since each one has its own color palette, what color you will receive will be unique to you and you alone. It is encouraged that you bring the piece to a skilled Framer to properly frame the piece.

Important note: This item will begin shipping the first week of May 2017, as I will be on tour until that time.

Dimensions: 23.5" X 31"
Material: Mixed Media on Paper & Plywood
Edition: 100 Total (90 initial run in 2012, 10 finished in 2017)