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J. Bannon "The Dusk In Us" Metallic Print Set (15 Prints)

Only 50 Metallic sets will be made.

This print set features “The Dusk In Us” album artwork presented as 14 individual metallic prints. The set also contains 1 bonus print "Bloom" that is exclusive to the set (15 prints in total). Each “song” print (as well as the bonus print) measure an impressive 18” X 36”, while the “cover” print measures at a monstrous 36” X 36”. All printed on a 300 GSM Moab Slick Rock Metallic silver stock, signed, and numbered. All sets will receive the same sequential number for each print.

To summarize, all sets include:
- “The Dusk In Us” Print set (15 prints in all), exclusively on Metallic silver stock.
- 1 Bonus print, exclusive to this Metallic set.
- Sets will receive the same number of each print in the series.
- Over 30% savings per print (if they were to be purchased individually).

(For those interested in singular prints, they have been made available on a different stock in limited quantities elsewhere on this site.)

Dimensions: 18" X 36" (14 Prints), 36" X 36" (1 Print)
Stock: Moab Slick Rock Metallic Silver
Edition: 50 Sets only