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Supermachiner "Rust"

Supermachiner began as a collection of four-track recordings by J. Bannon (Converge) in 1994. The music was different than his known vocal work in Converge, having more in common with influences Swans, Bauhaus, and others. Continually evolving through home recordings. the project remained nameless for years. Along with the help of musician Ryan Parker (Daltonic, Black Spot, The Jaded Salingers), the project was brought back to life in the winter of 1998. With lyrical content built around the rise of technology and the death of the individual, the project took a conceptual turn. Eventually taking on the name "Supermachiner", a play on the term "Supermachinder", the compound word for Japanese Giant Robot Toys from the 1970's. The two entered the studio with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in the winter of 1999. During these sessions, Ballou also contributed to the material. The finished album titled "Rise Of The Great Machine" was released by the defunct Undecided label in 2000 (now out of print). After the album release, future projects were planned but never materialized. 

The "Rust" 2xCD features the "Rise of the Great Machine" album, as well as four track ghosts of forgotten songs, and other audio experiments. All of it showcases the artistic spirit that made Supermachiner a unique animal for the time. Foreshadowing the future marriage between the "post-hardcore" and "shoe-gaze" genres that dominate today's avant-garde/experimental music world. 

Track Listing: 
01. Rise Of The Great Machine 
02. Flight Of Vultures 
03. I Am Legend 
04. Declaration One 
05. Above You 
06. The War We'll Never Win 
07. Vicious Circles 
08. By The Roadside 
09. I Am Oblivion 
10. Treading In The Wake Of It All 
11. Below You 
12. Bitter Cold 
13. A New Day 
14. A New Loss 
15. Fireflies Light The Way 
16. Remember My Name 
17. A New Precipice Before Us 
18. Declaration Two 
19. Reign Of The Great Machine 
20. Hearts Degrade / We Rust 
21. Pick Up The Pieces (Driven Version) 
22. Diamond Bullet 
23. Declaration (Disrupted Version) 
24. Slow Is The Pace of Burden 
25. Grant Me The Strength 
26. Our Ground Is Sour 
27. Memoriale Rituum 
28. Avalanche 
29. Pick Up The Pieces (Broken Version) 
30. End Of The Line