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"You Will Die" Group Art Show at Public Works Gallery, Chicago, IL

My next gallery showing will be part of the "You Will Die" Group show at Public Works Gallery in Chicago, IL.

"Known for its admiration for the dark and macabre, extreme metal is an acute reaction to—and subsequent subversion of—established social, cultural, economic, and religious structures. On the surface, the genre may merely explore various facets of human terror. However, beneath the layers of distortion, strife, and drama are much deeper meanings. Death metal artists have spent decades building out imaginative worlds and mythologies that question the meaning of life through themes such as politics, gender, classism, science fiction, and philosophy.

In “You Will Die,” Public Works shows a collections of paintings, illustrations, and mixed media pieces by iconic extreme metal artists including Dan Seagrave, Justin Bartlett, Jacob Bannon, and Noelia Towers. Together, their work explores the intersections between life and death, reality and illusion, and the spiritual shift between existence and non-existence.

The exhibit, You Will Die, is a reflection on the finiteness of life itself. In the face of our own desperate mortality, what does it mean to be alive?"

Full artist list: Dan Seagrave, Justin Bartlett, Noelia Towers, Tomek Radziewicz, Jacob Bannon, Mark Riddick, Eliran Kantor, Arik Moonhawk Roper, and more. 

Opening Reception
Friday, November 22nd
7 - 10pm

Artist Talk and Panel Q&A w/Scott Shellhamer, Justin Bartlett, Dan Seagrave, and Noelia Towers
Saturday, November 23rd
3 - 6pm