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Thomas Hooper x Jacob Bannon "I See Through You" Mixed Media Prints available now via BRLSQ

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"I See Through You"
is a collaborative mixed media print from artists and extended BRLSQ family Thomas Hooper and Jacob Bannon. Originally created at Converge's pop-up event at Chicago's House Of Vans in August 2019 with our printer Sarah Schatz, these richly textured prints are available to all right here right now in our online store!

In Jacob's words: "I've been experimenting with silhouetted forms with the goal of creating relatable imagery that would be ambiguous for a viewer to attach their own meaning and emotion. Thomas then introduced dynamic pattern designs and color to the images to add depth and movement."

In Thomas' words: "I wanted to create a foundation of subtle obscure textures and color laid on top of an intricate and complex pattern for Jacob's final image that was to be printed live on site by Sarah. My goal with these is often to approach it as a landscape that the viewer can bring their own world view to."

15 x 22"
1 color screenprint + handpainted layer + 2 color live screenprint on watercolor paper
signed + numbered edition of 100 prints
No two prints are alike.
Prints will be randomly selected.
Tempt fate with pure luck of the draw!