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Recent & Upcoming Music/Visual Projects

Prints out soon: 
J. Bannon "Dunedevil" Selected works
J. Bannon "The Dream" Giclee Print (on special Moenkapi Washi Unryu Stock)
J. Bannon "Dracula" Giclee Print (Full Color and Hand Embellished Editions)

Music out soon:
Converge "The Dusk In Us" LP/CD/Digital

Prints out now:
J. Bannon "I Can Tell You About Pain" Giclee Print
J. Bannon x BRLSQ "As Above So Below" Mixed Media Print
J. Bannon x BRLSQ "A Rumble Beneath" Mixed Media Print

Books out now: 
J. Bannon "Dunedevil" 300 Page Art Book

Music out now:
Converge "I Can Tell You About Pain / Eve" 7"EP/Digital
Wear Your Wounds "Dunedevil" LP/Digital (companion to the "Dunedevil" art book)
Wear Your Wounds "Arthritic Heart" Flexi/Digital
Wear Your Wounds "WYW" 2XLP/CD/Digital

Recent visuals:
J. Bannon "Skull Study: Two" Giclee Print
J. Bannon x Branca Studio "WYW 1st Show Poster" Print
J. Bannon "Eric Church" Holdin' My Own Tour Print
J. Bannon "In Place Apart" Silkscreened Print (5 new versions)
J. Bannon "No Heroes - Complete" Giclee Print SOLD OUT
Deathwish Website and Store 5.0
J. Bannon "Unloved & Weeded Out" (Hand Marbled Silkscreened Edition) SOLD OUT
Self Defense Family "Australia" 
Planes Mistaken For Stars "Prey" (Design & typography)
J. Bannon "Element Collection" Giclee Prints
Harm Wulf "Hijrah"
J. Bannon "Circle of Snakes" Giclee Print SOLD OUT
Converge x Neurosis "Mashup" Apparel & Print  SOLD OUT
Frameworks "Smother"
Nomad Stones "Self Titled"
Converge "You Fail Me: Redux"
Converge "Blood Moon" Live Visuals

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