J. Bannon "Eve" Four Print Series Available now
My "Eve" four print series is my last project of 2015.

Available individually or purchase the complete set and save $100.

Based on my original mixed media pieces made for recent gallery shows at Mondo (Austin, TX) and Co-Exhibitions (Minneapolis, MN). The "Eve" series was created using spray paint, gouache, watercolor, india ink, and cut/paste collage. 24" X 24" final print size, printed on a 300 GSM Cold Press Natural Stock.

Limited to 100 Prints only, all signed and embossed by myself.

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With @converge in London via @nicholasasayers

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Recent Music and Visual Projects
Music (See the "Sound" section of this website for details):
OUT SOON Wear Your Wounds "WYW" CD/2XLP/Digital
OUT NOW Converge "You Fail Me" Redux LP/CD/Digital
OUT NOW Converge "Thousands of Miles Between Us" 3X Blu-ray/HD Digital/Deluxe Box Set
OUT NOW Converge "All We Love We Leave Behind" Album
OUT NOW Converge "Live at the BBC" 7"EP
SOLD OUT Supermachiner "Rust" Hand stamped 2XCD
SOLD OUT Wear Your Wounds & Revelator Split 7"EP
A variety of other recordings will begin to surface soon

Artwork & Design (See the "Sight" section of this website for details):
Self Defense Family "Australia"
Planes Mistaken For Stars "Prey" (Design and Typography)
J. Bannon "Element Collection" Giclee Prints
Harm Wulf "Hijrah" album
J. Bannon "Circle of Snakes" Giclee Print
Converge x Neurosis "Mashup" Apparel and Print
Frameworks "Smother" album
Nomad Stones "Self Titled" album
Converge "You Fail Me: Redux" LP/CD
Converge "Blood Moon" Visuals
"Element Art Demo" Neon St. Hubert, Montreal, QC
"Originals: No Pop Art Allowed" Gallery show, Austin, TX
"50/50.3" Gallery Show to benefit Project Loop, Tyler, TX
"Fragments" Gallery Show at Co-Exhibitions, Minneapolis, MN
Chrome Over Brass "Self Titled" 12"LP (Alex Garcia-Rivera)
American Nightmare "Reunion" Documentary Feature BluRay/HD Digital
Planes Mistaken For Stars "Mercy" Reissue (Re-design w/ Chris Taylor art)
Fucked Up "Year of the Hare"
Bitter End "Illusions of Dominance"

All things Deathwish...

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J. Bannon "Rungs in a Ladder" a Film by McFarland & Pecci
A few answers to the same questions...
First thing to mention, please do not email me about a project as I am not taking any on at the moment. Also, since I received a number of emails about how I make things, I figured it may be best to make an entry here about that, etc.

I have a healthy respect for the tattoo world. Though I appreciate when I see my work tattooed on a person, I do not create tattoo designs for anyone at this time.

Illustrations/Mixed Media work:
I make a majority of my work by hand. Ie: I do not use Photoshop brushes/effects in my work. I'm not that technologically advanced to do such a thing. My use of a computer is extremely basic in that regard. It's a great tool to clean up images, but I don't see it as a creative tool by itself. Many commercial projects I work on require a great deal of versatility/flexibility in their uses and sizing. Because of this, I tend to construct pieces physically in layers, and will scan those elements for later use. Photography also plays a major part in what I create.

Overall Advice:
Learn to be poor yet dedicated, forever. Step away from the computer every chance you can and learn how to be flexible as an artist/designer. Learn art history, color theory, grid systems, typography, photography, and illustration. Work with other artists/designers around you. We all learn from one another. Education is everything, but the institution isn't. School is great, but retaining information is better. With that said, Art School is great for some and a waiting room for others. It's certainly not a requirement to be an artist.

To summarize, I am a person just like you, no better or worse. I work to create things that I find interesting and fulfilling on a variety of levels. My advice to you is to find your voice and do the same, and hopefully it will lead you in a positive direction. Good luck.

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